Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The Most Underpaid Players in Baseball

The minimum salary this year for major league players is $327,000. Calling anyone making at least that much this year underpaid may not seem appropriate, but it's all relative.

There are 30 MLB teams with 25 man rosters. That equals 750 MLB players. Add in the few on the disabled list and the number grows a little bit, but there are still well under 1,000 men playing major league baseball this year. Add in the fact that MLB generates Billions of dollars a year in revenue, and one can quickly see why salaries are as high as they are. Nevertheless, there are a number of players this year who will be making significantly less money than their peers, but based upon their actual on field performances are much better players. They are the underpaid players. (I'm leaving off young players making at or near the minimum. All of these players have 3 or more years of MLB experience.)

DAVID ORTIZ, 6.5 Million, (Red Sox) - Papi is right there with A-Rod (25 mil), Pujols (14 mil), and Manny (18 mil) as a hitter. Just signed a new deal that will start paying him around 13 million a year next year, which still makes him a slight bargain.

CARL CRAWFORD, 2.6 Million, (D'Rays) - a player who scores 100 runs and steals 50 bases every year, is worth more than the 2.6 million Crawford will make this year.

JAKE PEAVEY, 2.5 Million, (Padres) - a pitcher with a lifetime winning % of .588, who K's a batter per inning, is worth far more.

BRANDON WEBB, 2.5 Million, (D'Backs) - 3.34 career ERA in a hitters park.

CHONE FIGGINS, 2.2 Million, (Angels) - scored 113 runs last year, while stealing 62 bases, and he can play any position on the field.

JASON BAY, 1 Million, (Pirates) - one of the 10 best hitters in baseball.

CHAD CORDERO, $525,000, (Nationals) - led the Majors with 47 saves last year.

CHASE UTLEY, $500,000, (Phillies) - arguably the best hitting 2B in the majors.

MIGUEL CABRERA, $472,000, (Marlins) - just a kid, but has 3 years of service. He'll be making millions in the near future.

JOHN PATTERSON, 450,000, (Nationals) - better pitcher than most making over a million a year.

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